Join a patient group to help improve health services

11 June 2019

National Patient Participation Awareness Week

This week (10-15 June) is National Patient Participation Week. Did you know that Swale has an active and thriving Patient Liaison Group (PLG) and some GP practices have an established Patient Participation Group (PPG) to help patients and GP practices work together?

Our PLG and the PPGs provide feedback to the practices from patients and act as a channel for two-way communication between the wider patient community and the local NHS.

Supporting your doctor’s surgery

Working in partnership with GPs and practice teams, the PLG and PPGs ensure the patients’ perspective is at the heart of local provision so that services can continuously improve. Groups can also provide practical support in the surgery, which could be as simple as putting up posters or manning awareness stands, and help patients to take more responsibility for their health.

National Patient Participation Week aims to highlight the importance of patient participation to achieve excellence in care for all patients.

The patient’s voice at the heart of primary care

Gillian Wells, Lay Member for Engagement at Swale CCG said: “Our PLG and PPGs help to bring the patient’s voice to the heart of primary care and their input is highly valued and much appreciated. Also, they help us to spread our messages straight into the doctor’s surgery, which helps us if we want to tell patients about any new services or if we are seeking views on existing services.

“I would like to thank our existing network of members for the time and energy they devote to helping to improve their local NHS.

“However, there is always room for more, so if you are interested in joining our PLG or your practice’s PPG, or setting one up if your practice doesn’t have one, then ask your practice for details.”

Further information

More information is available in our Get Involved section or on the NAPP website.

The National Association for Patient Participation, (N.A.P.P) a national charity, was formed in 1978. There are now over 1500 groups affiliated to N.A.P.P, representing at least ten million patients across the UK.