Changes to the repeat prescription process from 1 July

10 July 2019

A new way for patients to receive regular repeat prescriptions will be phased in from 1 July 2019.

From this date, GP practices in Sittingbourne and Sheppey will no longer accept requests for repeat prescriptions made by pharmacies on behalf of a patient. So if your pharmacy usually raises a prescription request for you, you or your representative will need to ask your GP practice to do this for you in future.

The CCG has introduced this change to offer patients an improved, safer and more efficient repeat prescribing system. The new system should ensure that medicines are prescribed only when they are really needed and will also therefore reduce medicines waste, which costs the NHS up to £300 million a year.  The CCG engaged with various stakeholders and patient groups before introducing this change.

Some patients,  such as those who are housebound, will still be able to ask their pharmacy to re-order their medicines from their GP for collection at their pharmacy. However, the patient or their representative will need to talk to their GP practice or pharmacy about putting specific arrangements in place to support this.

For further information please refer to the patient information leaflet, Questions and Answers document  and extended briefing below.

Q&A Managed Repeats 

Managed Repeats Pt Leaflet 

Swale repeat prescription changes briefing JULY 2019