Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest Guardian

To further strengthen scrutiny and transparency of CCG decision-making processes, the CCG has Conflicts of Interest (COI) Guardians. This role is undertaken by the CCG audit chairs.

  • The Audit Chair for Dartford Gravesham and Swanley CCG is Ashley West.
  • The Audit Chair for Swale CCG is currently vacant.

The Conflicts of Interest Guardian should, in collaboration with the CCG governance lead:

  • act as a conduit for GP practice staff, members of the public and healthcare professionals who have any concerns with regards to
  • be a safe point of contact for employees or workers of the CCG to raise any concerns in relation to this
  • support the rigorous application of COI principles
  • provide independent advice and judgment where there is any doubt about how to apply COI policies and principles in an individual
  • provide advice on minimising the risks of COI.

Independent Lay Member – Business Standards.

Whilst the Audit Chair is required to be the conflicts champion, in line with national guidance the CCG has appointed a dedicated Lay Member – Business Standards who has an overarching responsibility for assuring the Governing Body and Conflicts of Interest Guardian that all systems and processes within the Business Standards Policy are being appropriately adhered to.

  • The Independent Lay member of Business Standards for both Dartford Gravesham and Swanley CCG and Swale CCG is Gary Jessop.
  • Registers of Interest