How we make decisions

Our Governing Body makes decisions about our work and priorities. You can read more about who this is on our Governing Body pages.

A lot of work is done before the project reaches the Governing Body for decision.

Our staff work to determine how we will improve health services, talking to local people and health care professionals to see what works and what needs improving.

They then work up details and determine what is achievable.

A paper will then be prepared which is considered by an internal body including some of our executive team which determines if it is viable.

Our member GP practices also have a role to play in commissioning and are represented in the decision making process.

The Governing Body delegates responsibility of some decisions to its sub-committees in accordance with the CCG Constitution and Standing Orders. These are:

  • The Audit Committee
  • The Remuneration and Nominations Committee
  • The Quality, Finance and Performance Committee
  • The Clinical Cabinet
  • The Operational Leadership Team.

The Audit Committee has primary responsibility for independently reviewing financial systems and controls and for ensuring effective integrated governance and risk management systems are in place across the organisation. This includes obtaining assurance around the quality and safety of healthcare services commissioned.

The CCG works with service providers and the public to develop ideas and projects and to ensure it commissions the right services, in the right area at the right price.