Our vision and values

Our vision

To commission health services that meet the needs of the Swale population; provide value for money; address health inequalities; and improve health outcomes, to enable the population of Swale to lead healthier and more independent lives.

To achieve this we:

  • Keep patients at the heart of everything we do
  • Ensure all commissioning is clinically-led
  • Aim to commission local services where viable
  • Focus on partnership working with a range of health and social care partners
  • Integrate (join up) services to avoid duplication
  • Maximise resources at every opportunity

This vision cannot be delivered in isolation by the CCG, but requires a whole system approach to the delivery of care.

Our values

We will commission excellent health and social care, which delivers the very best health outcomes for patients with the resources available.

Working together

When it comes to creating better healthcare for all, we believe that working in collaboration with public, patients, clinicians, managers and key stakeholders is essential.

By working together, we can:

  • Influence and direct behaviours and commission services for better patient outcomes
  • Safeguard vital services and prioritise needs
  • Maintain and improve quality and make best use of resources
  • Provide strong clinical leadership
  • Encourage and enable providers to be more efficient and focus more on quality.

We have actively engaged with our public and partners in developing our vision and purpose, and will continue to build on this experience through the development of a Patient Council and Provider Forum in conjunction with our local authority colleagues.