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Our priorities and performance

The CCG has seven long term plans (strategic objectives) which are based on the CCG vision, the NHS Outcomes Framework, the Kent County Council Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, CCG commissioning plans which are detailed in our Governing Body papers, and the NHS Constitution.

Our strategic objectives are:

1. Reducing health inequalities and preventing ill-health

We will focus our efforts in developing effective outcomes that tackle health inequalities and enable people to live healthy, independent lives. This will be achieved by working with our partners such as the local authority and public health to deliver system-wide solutions that address health and social care needs, at both a health economy and individual patient level.

2. Delivery of high quality and safe care including primary care

We will at all times ensure that any service we commission or have responsibility for will be of high quality, safe and effective.

3. Commissioning comprehensive healthcare with a focus on ‘right care, right place, right time, right outcome’:

3a. Early diagnosis
Where we can’t prevent people from becoming ill, we will ensure they are diagnosed early to enable the best and most effective treatment and clinical outcome.
3b. Better access and treatment to a choice of services and providers
We will strive to enable patients to have the best possible choice of care and treatment and that this is delivered at the right time, in the right place, with the best possible outcome. This will include working with primary care colleagues to enable patients to look after their own conditions where this is most appropriate.
3c. Better integration of services, particularly for children, families, the elderly and particularly frail elderly
We will work with all our partners and stakeholders to ensure the care provided to our local population is seamless and transparent. This includes, community and hospital care, social care and working with the voluntary sector.
3d. Improving end of life care
When people are nearing the end of their life, we will commission healthcare services that: a) support them and their families during this time and b) allow them to choose where they die.

4. Driving efficiency and value for money, without reducing quality of care

We will strive to deliver maximum value for money and efficiency from all the services we commission and manage, including our own management costs, without compromising on quality of care. We will ensure that any financial savings delivered are put back in to clinical healthcare services for the benefit of the local population.

5. Ensuring effective engagement with patients, carers and the wider population

We will ensure that where possible, all our business is conducted in an open and transparent manner. We will also ensure our local population, member practices and other key partners are able to engage with us in meaningful discussion to help shape the development and delivery of our priorities.

6. Leading continued innovation, research and education and training to stay ahead of the field and successfully plan for the future

We will work with local and national partners, across the board, to ensure commissioned services are based on up to date, effective, proven technologies / clinical knowledge and are delivered by staff who are fully trained and equipped to provide the best possible services.

7. Maintaining organisational health, robust governance and continued good reputation

We will ensure the organisation has robust, effective governance arrangements and systems to support delivery of all statutory, strategic and operational priorities in an open and transparent manner.

We detail how we are doing with our plans in our regular performance reports to Governing Body and in our annual reports.