How we involve people in our decisions

The CCG involves people in decision making in a number of ways.

We hold events, workshops, run surveys, attend meetings with patient groups, invite the public to our Governing Body meetings and primary care committee meetings.

We hold a listening post after our Governing Body meetings where people are encouraged to come along and meet with some of our Governing Body members and ask anything they like about health services in our area. They are also encouraged to tell us what works well and how we can improve.

Gillian Wells is the lay member for patient involvement on our Governing Body and represents the patient voice. She works closely with the communications and engagement team and also chairs the Swale Patient Liaison Group which is a group of patients supported by the CCG. You can find out more about the group here.

The Governing Body also includes a patient representative Alan Jenner, who is a member of the Swale Patient Liaison Group. Our Head of Communications and Engagement also sits on the Governing Body to represent the patient voice.

The Governing Body receives a bi-monthly report on communications and engagement activity. These reports are published within the Governing Body papers and provide assurance to the Governing Body that we are meeting out duties to engage.

We also have patient representatives on some of our committees including the Governing Body, Primary Care Committee, Urgent Care and Stroke implementation boards. These patient representatives are drawn largely from our Patient Participation Groups and Swale Patient Liaison Group. We provide face to face support and guidance to the representatives so that they understand their role is to represent the patient voice rather than their own opinions. They are all involved in other groups which mean they have access to patient views.

We are also sponsoring one of the patient representatives to receive coaching and mentoring for patient and public voice via NHS England.

You can read more about how we involve patients in our Communications and Engagement Strategy.