Patient Liaison Group

Swale Patient Liaison Group is made up of chairs of surgery based Patient Reference Groups and members of the voluntary and community sector. It is a consultation group supported by Swale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and plays an important part in helping the CCG commission and oversee services that are of good quality and respond to patient need. We have ten members and the group is chaired by Alan Jenner, with John Gallimore as vice chair.

The group has just completed its first year of work. This involved inputting into the 5 year commissioning plan, advising the CCG on contacting different groups across Swale, designing a directory of health and social care voluntary services so that clinicians are better able to tap into these services, and providing constructive feedback on health services.

Feedback and key points from the SPLG are fed into the Governing Body to inform key decisions. This is done via our chair (Alan Jenner) and Gillian Wells (Lay member for patient and public engagement).

The group members are:

Alan Jenner (Chair)

Lyn Gallimore

John Gallimore (Vice Chair)

Debra Chase

Exercise Referral Scheme

Gillian Wells 

Swale CCG Lay Member

Paul Francis

Maggie Mancktelow

Patient representative from Sheppey (Minster).

Our workplan for 2014/15

We cannot investigate individual issues with providers but if you would like to forward feedback specifically on Swale Clinical Commissioning Group or have something you want to highlight about health services in the SCCG area (we welcome positive as well as other feedback), please email marked ‘for the attention of SPLG’.


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