We like to get out into the community to talk to local people about health services. By doing this we are able to reach a wide variety of people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Our roving roadshow tours supermarkets, health centres, Gateways, and other public places to hear what local people think about services, and about our plans to improve them.

We then feed that information to our staff who make decisions about improving local health care. They complement other events and opportunities to engage.

In 2018/19, we have held regular roadshows in the following places in Swale:

  • Sittingbourne Memorial Hospital
  • Sheppey Hospital
  • Sheppey Healthy Living Centre
  • Sheppey Gateway
  • Sittingbourne Community Centre

During 2018/19 at roadshows, events and meetings, we spoke to people about various subjects including: their views on local services, the changing NHS landscape locally including the Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, stay well this winter/flu advice, adult community services and promotion of a survey, the Kent and Medway stroke consultation, IVF survey, dermatology services and promotion of survey, using medication wisely and promotion of our Meducate campaign, NHS 70 and promotion of how to get involved and our Health Network.

We promote our roadshows on social media and through posters in the local community. If you see us, come and say hello and chat about your experience of health. If you want to find out where we’ll be visiting soon, give us a call on the number below.

If you want to talk to us but have communication difficulties (for example, you don’t speak English or are hard of hearing or visually impaired or have learning difficulties) call us on 03000 425100 or email and we’ll put things in place to make sure we can listen to your feedback.