Kent Transformation for Young People

In order to develop transformed emotional wellbeing and mental health services across Kent, key partners (including Clinical Commissioning Groups and Kent County Council) have developed the Kent Local Transformation Plan for Children, Young People and Young Adults’ Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health. We have looked at local and county-wide needs, as well as provision and good practice, and have developed and designed a new whole-system for Kent which puts children, young people and young adults at the heart of services. The plan draws on the voice of the child, families and professionals, and articulates how we will move towards a future which is transformed with how we see and how we respond to emotional wellbeing and mental health for our whole population.

Since publishing our first version in December 2015, we have been required by NHS England to produce an annual refresh. We refreshed our plan in October 2016, October 2017, October 2018 and again in October 2019. Our Local Transformation Plan sets out how we will meet the challenge and commits to systemic and cross-cutting solutions across organisational and geographic boundaries.

The key areas of transformation within our 2019 Local Transformation Plan are to:

  • Identifying and providing support for those children and young people at greatest risk
  • Children and young people with neurodevelopmental need or learning difficulties
  • Improving transition and increasing the support available to young adults
  • Increasing investment in early intervention and prevention interventions
  • Reducing inequality in access rates across Kent
  • Delivering the Long Term Plan, both strategically and practically

Please keep the links below and add a ‘2019 version (published October 2019)’ link once I’ve got the final LTP to you.