Improving health services

Our priority is to make sure the views of patients and the public are heard and acted upon. This includes using public feedback when designing services to meet the diverse needs of people living in Swale. Patient representatives play a vital role in each of our service reviews and procurements, which can cover anything improving access to mental health support to redesigning hospital based services.

For our recent urgent care review, we hosted multiple community roadshow events, information sessions and intensive workshops. We also carried out face to face and online surveys. We take great care to consider all feedback we receive, regularly working with members of the Swale Patient Liaison Group and GP Patient Participation Groups who have previously highlighted issues such as transport links and access to primary care. They also work with us to develop and refine our public awareness campaigns.

You can read all about how, through programmes like the urgent care review and campaigns such as Meducate, the public and other stakeholders have contributed immensely to the future of the NHS.